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Where is the Wonder

“We need a renaissance of wonder.  We need to renew, in our hearts and in our souls, the deathless dream, the eternal poetry, the perennial sense that life is miracle and magic.”  E Merrill Root

I am a curious person and I am always wondering about all kinds of things.  I think having a sense of wonder opens and expands our minds.  Children are born with a sense of wonder and everything around them is mysterious and magical.  Babies love bright colors and moving objects and children can watch a worm for hours with a sense of wonder.  An adult may walk right past that same worm without even noticing.

One thing that get’s in the way of wonder is judgment.  We are taught to judge as a way of understanding how we fit in the larger scheme of things and from that prospective it is important, but when it becomes a habit of mind chatter that amounts to exclusion and narrow focus, it is not.

The dictionary defines wonder as the emotion aroused by something awe-inspiring, astounding, or marvelous: gazed with wonder at the northern lights. An emotion comparable to surprise that people feel when perceiving something rare or unexpected.  A feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, astonishment, or marvel caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable.

How would life change if we kept our sense of wonder?  Imagine walking out of the house each day with anticipation and excitement about what might unfold.  Imagine meeting a stranger who has a different opinion than you have and leaving your mind open with wonder to hear what he has to say.  Imagine see each person as an new opportunity to learn and expand who you are.  Imagine looking at a flower and seeing the depth of color, the beads of dew, your reflection in the beads of dew, the tiny bug crawling up the stem, the aura around it and the vibration of the color against the green grass or blue sky.  Imagine seeing all of the angles in a situation and pondering which might be best for your.  Imagine the possibilities!  This is childlike wonder.

I can’t go any farther without mentioning Wonderland.  Everyone loves the story of Alice In Wonderland because it is so magical and it evokes a sense of wonder in children and adults.  Wonderland is described as an imaginary place of delicate beauty or magical charm, an imaginary realm of marvels or wonders and a place that excites admiration and wonder. Because Lewis Carroll remained child-like as an adult it gave him entrée into the psyche of the child.  He never left behind his child-like wonder of the world.  He let his mind expand and didn’t censor himself and Wonderland emerged.

What would you do if you suddenly found yourself in Wonderland? In reality we do live in Wonderland.  It is still the same world we marveled at as children we just don’t see it in the same way. We live in the world that Lewis Carroll was inspired by.   Rainbows are still magical arches of color, roses are still visions of rare beauty and hummingbirds are still marvels of nature.

How would your life change if you started each day with excitement and anticipation? What would happen if you were truly open to everyone you met and what if you noticed the spectacular beauty all around you?  What if you didn’t judge who might be a good connection and who wouldn’t?  People are attracted to wonder and excitement!  It is magnetic!  I imagine if we approached life with a complete sense of wonder, dropped expectations and remained open there would be a massive explosion of excitement, anticipation and imagination.  This expansion of imagination would change the world!

To descend down a rabbit hole, to push through a mirror in a drawing-room, to enter that “other world” of the imagination is Alice’s destiny, as it might be said to be our collective destiny, if only we value it and cultivate it. I challenge you to put on your wonder glasses and look at the world through this lens for just one day. Find the rabbit hole in your psyche and drop down into it.   I think your world will change too.

Mantra for the day: I live in anticipation, wonder and gratitude.

Let’s  start a renaissance of wonder and a revolution of beauty!

Reprinted from Magnetic Business Women Blog