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The Body is a Temple

“In your heart you know you are beautiful and divine”

Did you know that beauty and health go hand in hand?  If we give our body what it needs to be healthy it will allow our true beauty to shine through.  It has nothing to do with age and more to do with how you treat your body.   I am sure you have heard the saying that your body is a temple.  I love to think of it that way because of what our bodies are capable is so miraculous and sacred.

If we treated our bodies like temples, like sacred, precious, magnificent vessels, that were capable of miracles I wonder what different choices we would make.  Just thinking about the amazing things our bodies do everyday and how our bodies can do to heal themselves brings me a sense of awe.  When I think about it that way, my body deserves the best nutrition, exercise, fresh air, water and to be treated like a temple.  It deserves it!

If we thought about our bodies as a temple would we still eat diet foods to look a certain way? Would we have intrusive cosmetic surgeries to change the way we look?  Would we subscribe to the no pain/no gain mentality of exercise? Would we stay up all night partying?  Would we continue yo-yo dieting? Would we let others take advantage of us? Would we feel ashamed of our body’s appearance?

If we thought of our bodies as a temple would we want to give our bodies the best of nutrients? Wouldn’t we make sure others never crossed our boundaries or did things to deliberately hurt us? Wouldn’t we find physical activities that we enjoyed and felt invigorating by instead of ones we dread.  Wouldn’t we  focus more on how your body felt than how it looked? We would be gentler to our bodies and proud of how amazing it is.  And as a result of doing those things we would end up looking and radiating more beauty.

Kimber has an awesome blog about honoring your body called Finding Fullness.  In one of her posts she shares this exercise for treating your body like a temple:

1. Recognize its beauty. See how extraordinary your body truly is.

2. Approach your body with respect and awe. “Oh Nobly Born,” (as the Buddha says), be gentle with and dignified toward your body. Offer your body loving rituals of cleansing.

3. Treat your body the way you would any other sacred space.Don’t throw mental, emotional, and psychological “garbage” on it. Be kind and responsible.

4. Honor it. Listen to what food, movement, rest, and attention it needs and meet those needs appropriately. Dress your body with attention to the comfort and beauty that allows its beauty to shine fully.

5. Protect it. Avoid people who don’t treat your body with the respect it deserves, and situations which endanger its well-being.

6. Pause and enjoy it. Experience and appreciate your own aliveness. Slow down and savor your life.

Imagine for a moment spending an entire week acting as if your body was a temple.  What would you do differently?