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Physical Issues can be Indicators of Emotional and Spiritual Blocks

Your prayer causes you to focus, and the Law of Attraction causes everything in the Universe that’s in vibrational harmony with your focus to come to you.

Abraham-Hicks, Lincroft, NJ, G-10/15/96

        We have with in our bodies an innate ability to heal.  If this is true why are so many people sick?  I have been a fan of the Abraham-Hicks materials for many years and I believe in the Law of Attraction.  This law is not new to us through Abraham-Hicks, it is a law that has been true since the beginning of time, that we are just becoming aware of again.

It is not hocus pocus or New Age fluff that our thoughts create our reality.  We are either sick or healthy depending upon the qualities of our thoughts.  This understanding is stated beautifully in this passage from the children’s book Sara, that is part of the body of work of Abraham-Hicks

You see, your bodies are made up of trillions of cells, each holding the vision of their perfection and of their perfect place in the perfect whole…You see, Sara, every time anyone, even a tiny little cell in your body, asks for something – it is always given. So, when a body is injured, in some way, the cells closest to the injury calculate exactly what they need to regain their balance – and they send out immediate requests. And, instantly, the Energy begins to flow, and all other aspects of the body being to respond, too. Special helping nutrients of all kinds begin making their way through the body, and the natural healing begins, immediately. And when the person, who lives in this body, is happy or eager, or appreciative – then the healing is allowed. But if that person is sad or angry, or fearful – the healing is hindered or resisted.

Abraham-Hicks information in Sara (Book for children) pgs. 112-113

Our cells not only give signals to the body systems but also to us as they send us information of what they need to return to health.  Often times we miss the signals because we are so busy focused on what is wrong with us.  It becomes a vicious cycle because the more energy and focus you put on an issue the bigger it becomes.

I have experienced painful, physical issues, so I know how difficult it is to take your focus off of what is happening in your body, to putting your focus on a new story that will turn the issue around.  It is challenging to focus on harmony and wholeness when that is not what you are experiencing, but that is the very prescription you need to return to health.

I also believe that issue in our physical body block our ability to be radiant, magnetic and live the life of our dreams.  How can the pain in my shoulder keep me from manifesting a new house or a new job?  When we are in pain we are angry, fearful and frustrated, which are lower vibrational thoughts, and it is impossible to manifest from that vibrational state.  Manifestation occurs out of aligned, grateful, joyful, happy thoughts, which are higher vibrational thoughts.

I believe there is a pathway from the lower vibration thoughts to the higher vibrational thoughts and it is something everyone can do.  I have done it each time I have moved from sickness to harmony and health after an illness.  The pathway is a whole body approach which includes the mind, the body, emotions and spirit.  This may sound complicated and overwhelming but it is not if you have someone to guide you.

I feel that I have had the experiences I have had in my life so that I can be a midwife for others who desire a return to health.  I guide people through a whole body experience that will create the pathway back to health and harmony so they can return to their natural state of radiance and magnetism and back to creating a life of your dreams.  If you are ready to transform your life drop me an email or give me a call so we can see if this is right for you.

Be as happy as you want to be in a world gone mad. Be as safe as you want to be in a world that is afraid of everything. Be as healthy as you want to be in a world that is mostly sick. Don’t let the statistics that someone else has created affect you. You get to choose — you are wise enough, smart enough, deliberate enough.

Abraham-Hicks, G 11/24/90


Beauty and the Law of Attraction

I have been using the Law of Attraction for many years and have experienced the power of my thoughts becoming things.  Sometimes they have become things that I wouldn’t have wished for if they were conscious. Other times something I was thinking about and dreaming about manifest as if by magic!  I know how powerful our thoughts are and I know that if we change them our life can change.

In today’s society, changing one’s appearance through hair color, eye contacts, and having cosmetic surgery all seems to be the answer to creating the “new you.” So is it possible to change the physical appearance by applying the Law of Attraction for new good looks rather than working on our outer appearane.

No one who is truly beautiful think of themselves as ugly. Those two things can not co-exist.  Complete beauty is both inner and outer beauty. Inner beauty is what people call self-image or self esteem.  If you believe you are unattractive and ugly, no matter what kind of clothes or jewelry you wear or how much you try to enhance your appearance, you will still never be truly beautiful. If we think and believe we are not attractive we will continue to manifest people and circumstances that reinforce the belief.  We are sending out a frequency to those around us that we are not beautiful and that will mask our true beauty so people can’t see it.

Conversely, if you believe you are beautiful regardless of your appearance you will radiate beauty and that is what people will see.  An example of this is J.R. Martinez who is currently on Dancing With the Stars.

In February 2003, he was deployed to Iraq. Two months later, Martinez was serving as a driver of a Humvee when the left front tire hit a landmine; he suffered smoke inhalation and severe burns to more than 40 percent of his body.  He spent 34 months at BAMC and has undergone 33 cosmetic and skin-graft surgeries.  As you can see in the small inset photo, his face is not the same with much of it being reconstructed.

Yet on the show he radiates beauty as he dances as if he was whole and complete and never burned.  There he is in front of millions of people and it appears as if he is not concerned at all about his appearance.  He is just beautiful and it comes from within.

How your beauty is perceived by society starts within you. You and only you possess the ability to attract others, whether you have a perfect Barbie doll figure or not. When you can look inside yourself and and love your inner appearance, this confidence and joy will radiate from your inner being and that is what other people will be attracted to.

Who you are inside creates the results you get outside. Once you change the way you are inside, the outer world changes. The energy you give out attracts and creates the results you get. Change your inner energy and you change your results.

Start within and find out what you like about yourself.  What are your gifts? Are you compassionate to those around you? Are you grateful for what you have and happy what yourself? Now look in the mirror and see what it is that you like from the outside. We all have a tendency to focus on the things we doing like when we look in the mirror and it is important not to point out the flaws that you think you have.  Instead focus on the things you really like about you, from the inside to the outside.  Let those perceived ” flaws” fall into the background and fill the foreground with what you like. Accept every bump and mole and realize that these are a part of you, but they are not the inner you.   When you begin to see that you are just like everyone else on this Earth and that you are a wonderful being no matter what, you will begin to assume a glow that become attractive to others.

You will attract the kind of people that you want to be near just by loving and accepting who you are, and by thanking the Universe for the wonderful gift of life it has given you to create  through. They will want to be around you because you possess something that many people don’t have in these days of air brushed photos in magazines, and that is a beauty from within that is so great that your outward appearance becomes to others the perception of what you feel about yourself. The inner you is what possesses the beauty.

To enhance the power of the Law of Attraction you can create beauty affirmations. An affirmation is sentence that is written in present for with the intention of replacing negative limiting thought patterns. Once you can change a belief, law of attraction can start bringing you new amazing things.  There are literally thousands of processes you can use for your affirmations for beauty and law of attraction. The most important thing is that you find a program that feels good to do and that you see results after 30 days of practice.

At first it might seem akward and you might not believe what you are saying  “I am beautiful” which could be  a massive jump right now, which could push old beliefs to the surface, begin by saying I choose to begin thinking I am… or I intent to start thinking I am… Or I intent to start being…

Affirmations for beauty will in time make you feel much better towards the way you look. Over time you will start to radiate inner beauty and the way people see you and you see yourself will change.   You can get to the point where all resistance towards your appearance is released and law of attraction is free to manifest whatever you want.