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Rebirth of Beauty

I wrote this poem 8 days after my 20th birthday.  I was already in touch with the meaning of beauty and how we lose sight of it.



Out of the darkness

I was sentenced to for months

I first opened my eyes.

I was in a different world,

a small, breathless child,

here by the miracle of birth.

But I was already aware of the newness,

the smell of the air,

the taste of nothingness,

the blurred vision of movement.

The newness, where has it gone,

the vision, where,

the feel of things,

the beauty of light, dark,

the feel of rain on my face?

The wind in my hair?

These things haven’t gone

they have become a part of me.

So much a part of me they are forgotten.

Out of the long darkness

I was sentenced to for years

I again open my eyes,

I am in a different world now,

and again aware of the newness.