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What is more beautiful, the compost or the flower that grows from it?


Painting by Katelyn Mariah

She awoke within a rich, dream landscape, in awe of its beauty as it stretched out endlessly before her. It was a landscape that was foreign to her eyes and yet familiar. She felt small in this land of giant structures that danced before he.  As she began to walk and explore, her eyes adjusted to the dark beauty.

There were rivers of bright rainbow colors stretching like ribbons across the land. The reds, browns, greens and blacks of the towering mountains grounded her into this strange new place. Structures shaped like cylinders, tubes and rectangles reached high above her, their triangular entrances invited her in.

She approached one of them and its silver-and-rust-colored surface was smooth and rough to her touch. She savored how it teased her senses. Never had she experienced beauty in this way.

She entered through the triangular door to find a golden, red river flowing through it, its shore gurgling with giant, colorful bubbles that rose above her. As she peered into a bubble, her own beauty bounced off of its reflective surface and echoed through her.

The landscape was organic in its beauty, and her heart nearly burst from the awe that she felt. S she stepped outside into the dark lightness, she stood before a large, smooth, glistening structure that appeared to roll from within the rich, rusty brown land around her. Its undulating curves were pink, purple and burgundy marbled and as she put her hand to the silky surface, it felt soft and cool to her touch. It was alive with beauty.

Suddenly on the path in front of her appeared a large, black bird that beckoned her to come to it. As she approached the bird, it swooped her up in its wings and flew into the sky. She was overcome with sadness as she left the beautiful place she had just begun to explore. When she looked below at the landscape receding in the distance, she recognized that it was a pile of garbage rotting into compost before her eyes. From the pile she could see a strong, tall, green plant growing from its center, with a flower just moments from displaying its beauty.


Practice Random Acts of Beauty

Most people have heard of practicing random acts of kindness but fewer people have heard of practicing random acts of beauty.  What might that mean?  A random act of kindness is a selfless act performed by a person or people wishing to either assist or cheer up an individual person or people. The phrase may have been coined by Anne Herbert, who claims to have written “Practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty” on a place mat at a Sausalito restaurant in 1982 or 1983.

So random and senseless acts of beauty is in the same vein.  All around us are pockets of beauty.  Nature is always creating beauty, in the flowers, the trees, spider webs and birds nests for example. Random acts of beauty are enhancements that we make through our own small acts of creativity.  We don’t have to be an artist to do them.

A Random act of beauty is like a gift that someone finds that they weren’t expecting.  It could be something you created in nature out of things found there.  Think of it like natural graffiti, making your mark on your surroundings and leaving it behind for someone else to find.  We have all done it at the beach when we created a sand castle and left it standing when we walked away.   In this instance a random act of beauty can be anything from a heart made out of stones, a mud sculpture or figure made out of twigs.  It can be a spiral of sticks or stone or a flow picture.  Any small creation that would make someone smile when they discovered it on their walk through the woods, along the beauty or on the sidewalk.

One of my favorite random beauty makers and the best-known names associated with natural art-making is Andy Goldsworthy.  If you aren’t familiar with his work take a moment to visit his website to find out more about his work and philosophy.  You are in for a treat! He makes monumental creations, that take many hours to create, knowing that they are not permanent works of art.  Here is his explanation of what he does:

“At its most successful, my ‘touch’ looks into the heart of nature; most days I don’t even get close. These things are all part of the transient process that I cannot understand unless my touch is also transient—only in this way can the cycle remain unbroken and the process complete.”

You will see in his videos all the time, effort and thought that goes into each piece that he creates.  The photo directly above is one of his creations out in nature.  Most of them are more complicated than this one.

Another way to do random acts of beauty is to leave a bouquet of flowers on someone’s door step, or a beauty poem or wonderful picture with an anonymous note. A smile to a stranger can be a random act of beauty. I was the recipient of a Random Act of Beauty last winter.  When I went out in the more to clear the snow from my car windows there in the middle of my back window was a heart traced in the snow.  I never knew who did it but it sure was a day maker for me.

Here is another idea called Operation Beautiful, that I found out exploring the net. Click on the link to read an article about them, it’s awesome!  How would you feel if you saw the following note posted in a public space (i.e. restroom mirror, coffee shop bulletin board, etc.): “you are beautiful just the way you are!” 

This is a quote from the homepage: “The mission of Operation Beautiful is to post anonymous notes in public places for other women to find. The point is that WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL. You are enough… just the way you are!”

Here is Operation Beautiful’s website.   Check out their page called “Changing the Way You See”.

Imagine the possibilities if we all started practicing Random Acts of Beauty.

Excellent Question from one of my readers

Melanie Jade ask me an excellent question that I felt would make a great blog post. I thought it might be a question that other people might be thinking as they read my blog.  Here is the question:

Hi Katelyn,

I discovered more I wanted to ask you :) I really enjoyed reading your blogs about embracing natural beauty. However, I was surprised to learn that you sell anti-aging and body slimming products. To me, all the products trying to help women look younger go against the idea of embracing your natural beauty at all ages. It’s as if they’re saying it’s not okay to age, that aging isn’t beautiful, and that you should try to look younger than you are because that is what is socially acceptable as beauty. Also, the imagery on the It Works website shows only very fit, trim people. How does that say that people who do not look that slim are still beautiful? I’m interested in hearing your thoughts about this and how you come to terms with this apparent inconsistency in your message.

Thank you!


Here is an expanded version of how I answered her question.

That is an excellent question, thank you for asking.  It does appear on the surface to be a contradiction that I am a proponent of natural beauty and I sell It Works! products. I don’t feel there is an inconsistency in my message. The beauty that comes from within is the beauty that I am striving for. I firmly believe this kind of beauty rises from an internal foundation based on:

  • physical health
  • emotional health
  • spiritual health
  • nutritional health
  • mental health

Natural beauty is a manifestation of these things.

I don’t agree with the use of the word ‘anti-aging’, but I also don’t believe in just letting the body deteriorate because that is what society thinks it does as it ages.  The company that I am a part of, It Works! uses the word ‘anti-aging’ because it is a popular buzz word but I know they have the same philosophy as I do about giving our body the proper nutrients it needs to be healthy. I believe in healthy aging. I am not against aging, which the word ‘anti-aging’ seems to suggest.  Aging is a natural process but it doesn’t have to look  the way it is portrayed in society.

Unfortunately we live in a time where our bodies don’t get all of the nutrients it needs to stay healthy because the soil is depleted, and we also live in an environment filled with pollutants which not only  rob the skin of moisture and but also go into the skin and store as toxins.  The skin is the largest organ in our body and if it isn’t healthy we aren’t healthy.  The skin stores toxins in the fat cells and when that happens we are susceptible to disease and we get bigger.  Those are not natural states and we don’t look or feel our best when we are toxic and depleted.

I believe in giving my body all the nourishment it requires to stay healthy, which includes providing my skin with moisture, hydration and nutrients and by giving my skin those things my skin looks great and youthful as a result. The skin care that It Works sells does that.  I also believe in giving my body the nutrition though eating good food and supplementation for the nutrients no longer in the food.  With proper nutrition my body is does what it needs to do naturally and efficiently as well as releasing toxins it doesn’t need.  I chose the supplements from It Works because according to my research they are the best on the market for giving my body what it needs.

I originally joined It Works because of the Ultimate Body Applicator, because it detoxifies the body, not because it slims the body. If it was just a product that caused inch loss I wouldn’t be interested in it. Toxins and inflammation, which is caused by toxins are the number one cause of disease. Disease is not a natural part of the aging process, it is caused by eating the wrong foods, toxins in the environment and not giving the body what it needs to stay healthy. When I found a product that takes the toxins out of the body very easily, using botanical ingredients, I was sold. The side effect of removing the toxins is slimming and a lot of people like that idea.

As far as the imagery on the website, that is out of my control. If you looked deeper into the website you can see testimonials from people who are all sizes. You will also see testimonials from people whose lives have change dramatically from using the products that helped them recover from long-term illnesses. We will have a new website in the near future but I don’t know how it will look. A website has to appeal to a lot of people and many people are not of the same philosophy as I am. Many people are looking for ways to lose weight, be slimmer and the imagery appeals to them because it give a message that is possible.

I also believe that by giving our body what it needs to stay healthy and work efficiently we are enhancing our natural beauty because we have a healthy glow, more energy and that brings out our best. Toxic and unhealthy are not natural states. Since I started using the products three years ago my body has transformed because of all of the things I have mentioned above and I am in more of a natural state than I was when I wasn’t using the products.

Eating healthy, supplementation for nutrients that are missing in the diet and exercise are a  lifestyle that can help to prevent disease, improve energy, clear skin, and trim your waistline.  They result in our body being in its natural state.  I use most of the products the It Works has created to support my healthy lifestyle and I sell them because I feel I have an obligation to share what I have found which is helping me keep my body healthy and naturally beautiful!