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Have you thanked your body lately?

“Your body will really appreciate it when you take the time to practice thank you meditations and write Thank-You letters.  Yes Thank You letters!”

Have you told your body thank you lately?  When was the last time you did?  Have you ever thanked your body? How about sending it a Thank You Note?

Gratitude is a powerful elixir and it can transform your life.  Imagine if we woke up every morning and before we got out of bed, you thanked your body?  This could even be done before going to sleep at night.

Your body is the most amazing machine ever built! The human body is highly adaptive, more so than any robot or computer will ever be. No man-made systems can be compared to human body in its inherent complexity and perfection!   We have a tendency to take it for granted instead of being grateful for it.  I think if we moved to a place of gratitude about our bodies we would see a new level of beauty emerge.

There are so many reasons to be thankful to your body, and here are a few examples:

Thank you Dear Body for getting me where I need to go each day,

Thank you for sticking with me while I sleep, for breathing for me, digesting my food, moving my muscles without me even thinking.

Thank you for knowing how to heal when I get cut, or when I get sick.

Thank you for knowing when I need to eat, letting me know and for processing my food efficiently and effortlessly and sending the nutrients where they need to go.

Thank you for the amazing brain, for all the neurons, pathways and storage centers and for helping me store and retrieve information when I need it.

Thank you for sticking with me while I exercise and sending the energy where I need it to keep running, jumping, swimming or hooping.

Thank you for my vision and my beautiful eyes and for knowing what to do so that I can see the beautiful world around me.

Thank you for my awesome nose and allowing me to smell the beautiful scents of the world.

Thank you for continuing to regenerating yourself and creating new cells, hair, organs in a magical cycle of restoration.

Thank you for knowing how to release waste and toxins when it is necessary.

Thank you for my hand and my ability to create art with them.

Thank you for being the home to my spirit and soul while I am here.

Thank you for being strong and healthy all of these years.

Thank you for knowing what to do when I hop on a bicycle.

Thank you for warning me when danger is near.

Thank you for giving me the means to express love and give comfort with hugs and kisses.

Thank you for recovering from serious illness and returning to your healthy state.

Thank you for knowing how to heal a broken bone.

Thank you for my womb and reproductive organs and for being able to create a child and give it birth.

Thank you for my smile and my ability to laugh.

Thank you for giving me a vehicle for speaking, expressing myself and talking to others.

Thank you for giving me a way to feel my kitties soft, cotton fur and hear his fabulous purr.

Thank you for give me a way to listen to music.

Thank you for letting me feel the warmth of the sunshine and bask in it.

Thank you for letting me taste the textures, spices and nuances of the food that I eat

Thank you for helping me lift weights and jump on the tramp.

Thank you for letting me feel the sensations of making love.

Thanks for helping me drive the car and giving me quick reflexes when I need them.

Thank you for being able to dance, sing and express joy.

Thank you for the ability to feel my emotions.

Thanks for letting me read and write.

Thank you for letting me breathe deeply and for breathing me without my having to think about it.

Thank you for all the behind-the-scenes thing you do like keeping my heart pumping, my kidneys working, my digestive system functioning, my nervous system balanced and my liver working.

“How can anyone ever tell you that you are anything less than beautiful?”