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Expanding the idea of Beauty

  We are like the swan floating on the pond of beauty remembering ourselves in the reflection of the world around us.

There is beauty in the sunset, a rainbow, a kitten’s eyes, a dark storm cloud and even in the swirling rainbow colors in the landscape of the compost pile.  It is all beauty, for it has the potential to touch the soul and open the heart.  Beauty is multidimensional and easy to recognize with our eyes, yet true beauty is made visible by seeing with the eyes of the heart, the eyes of the soul.  As you move into the depth of it, it touches all of the senses until it expands and includes all of creation.

To take back and own our beauty, we must first begin to recognize all of its aspects.  To  see beauty in all of its forms, we need to adjust our focus and our perspective.  Is the flower really more beautiful than the compost of things that sacrificed themselves to give the flower life?

The events of our lives, both positive and not so positive, are the very compost our of which spring the beautiful flowers.  Out of the dark beauty come the pearls of our deepest wisdom.  It is this recognition that turns tragedy into a transformational gift, which pierces the mystery of the heart and unlocks love and compassion.  Beauty is the key that opens the door of the heart.

Beauty shows itself in the perfection of life, in the timing and unfolding of all that is. It is the delicate balance and weaving that must occur as timed events, one thread at a time, one layer at a time in perfect order. The orchestration that cause one thing to cause another as all of perfection occurs, is beauty so deeply incredible.

Take the flower for example.  When a seed is planted, it can’t be forced to grow because its cells are timed and certain actions within the seed must occur before we can witness the beauty of its flower.  The seed itself might not look beautiful to the eye, but it contains the beauty of the flower in its blueprint.

At times, we are the seed as we appear to be in dormancy.  In those dormant times, all of our dreams, hopes and wishes feel as though they are at a standstill, but things are occurring that we can not see.  Beauty is stirring below the surface.  The seed that you are must grow roots, become a sprout, the seedling, the stem and the leaves before you can support the flowers of your dreams.  The plant can’t grow without the rich compost of our lives that is the foundation from which it springs.

When we can see beauty in everything, we can stop the search and enjoy the journey. It is the journey that is the response to what the soul desires to achieve in this lifetime.  Those times in my own life that were so difficult, so mysterious and so painful always turned out to be openings to a new level of beauty and understanding of the perfection of my soul’s plan.  I have often been able to witness or discover something important that I would have never seen had I not taken this particular, profound and mysterious path that has supported my spiritual growth.

As you move into higher realms your perception and understanding of beauty expands, because you are observing through the lens of another eye.  Beauty encompasses everything.  The visible, the invisible, the space in between, that is the magic! There are no limits to the echo that ripples through creation as it dances on the wave of mystery.  The human eye is limited in what it sees.  One must stretch beyond those limitations to witness the luminous wonders that sparkle as spirit.  Beauty is in the eye beyond.



(I painted the painting at the top to illustrate this idea of expanding beauty.)