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Hello Beautiful World!

Welcome to my blog!

The subject of this blog, Beauty, has been both a challenge to me and a blessing.  Much of my life I struggle to see my own beauty and could only see it when I looked back at pictures of myself, but couldn’t see it in the present.  I still have my own mini war with it but that is changing.  I don’t look like a Hollywood model, but guess what, neither do they!  Take away the 6 hours of make up and hair styling and they look just like the rest of us.  Beautiful in their own way.

Many are finding themselves lonely in this world obsessed with beauty and youth, and it can be hard if you feel you don’t measure up to the images we have been spoon fed all of our lives.  I believe we are in a crisis of beauty and that is what is wrong with the world.  People judge each other all of the time about what they think is beauty or lack there of.  Much of this dialog happens in a split second in a less than conscious, habitual way based on the images we have been fed.  How can that have any value?  Yet we internalize what we hear, see and experience as beauty and hold it up as a mirror to judge ourselves.

Our task is to be authentic and become secure in our own beauty, both inside and out, so that it doesn’t matter what others think. In reality we all have our own unique beauty, that can’t be duplicating and comparing ourselves to someone else is like comparing apples to oranges. Why should someone else’s unconscious opinion, based on false standards supersede our own?

Come along with me on this adventure to find BEAUTY…