Katelyn’s Philosophy

First I want to say I have always had an issue with beauty.  I bought into the media standard of ideal beauty so I could never see it in myself.  Only when I looked at photos years later could I see that I really was beautiful, but in the moment it was a stretch for many years.  I turned a corner at some point and started to feel I was beautiful about 60 percent of the time.

When the idea of me exploring beauty and helping people see theirs dropped into my consciousness, I thought “you have got to be kidding!”  The mission is growing on me and the more I explore the more beautiful I feel.  I hope I can do the same for you as I go along.

I know I am not alone.  I have talked with many clients; adults and teens, and friends who have struggle with the issue of body image and beauty.  This is what compels me to explore and write about this issue.  We need to take back our beauty and understand that comparing us to each other as far as beauty is like comparing apples to oranges.  We each have our own unique beauty.  Period!

I think it is time for a TRUE BEAUTY REVOLUTION!





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