Love your Body Movement

Taryn Brumfitt is on a mission to convince every woman to love her body as it is, to stop buying into corporate messages about beauty, and to change the vocabulary listed above for good. She plans to do so by creating a documentary called “EMBRACE,” that will explore why body loathing is so commonplace and what we can do to change that reality.


Style doesn’t have an age

It has never made sense to me that there was a style for young and a style for old.  Each one should have their own style no matter what age they are.  This is a wonderful video!

Be the total expression of YOU!

We have been programmed that in order to fit in we have to be like everyone else.  To be accepted we have to follow the crowd, but there is a reason YOU were created!  YOU have something unique and special to offer the world that only YOU can offer.  So why not put all of your energy into being authentically YOU!


The Beauty of Feminine Consciousness is emerging…


“In Blessed Mother’s view, all are lovable; all souls are accepted, all carry a sweetness of heart, are beautiful to the eyes; worthy of consciousness, of being inspired, being helped, being comforted and protected — even if other mere humans believe foolishly or blindly to the contrary.”

An Excerpt from Untie the Strong Woman: Blessed Mother’s Immaculate Love for the Soul by Clarissa Pinkola Estes

As women we get so hung up on physical appearance to the point that this is a female affliction carried in some form by most females on the planet.  We think that the only way we can attract men is to be beautiful and there is a billion dollar industry feeding off this issue.

With the shifting of the ages this affliction is being release and the true feminine beauty is being revealed.  The feminine energy has been suppressed for 2000 years so you can imagine this hiding was like a veil covering our true beauty as women.  There was purpose in hiding the feminine but it is now coming out of hiding.  Our consciousness as women is shifting away from concern about our physical appearance toward the beauty carried by the feminine energy.  People will be attracted to our empathy, sensitivity, creativity, intuition and receptivity and those are the things that will make us magnetic.