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me2013Katelyn Mariah BFA, MA, LICSW Katelyn has a Masters Degree in the field of Psychology with a Clinical license in Social Work and worked in the field for 26 years  helping people work toward life balance through confronting obstacles in their lives. Katelyn’s passion lies in helping people obtain emotional, physical, spiritual and financial health. She has interest and experience in The Law of Attraction, Quantum Physics, Millionaire Mind, Expansion of Consciousness and much more. She is not just a citizen of the United States but considers herself a planetary citizen connected to all things.  Beauty and understanding Beauty has been a life long journey.


Katelyn started her business Dimensions of Beauty to support others, particularly women, to explore a new understanding of beauty, beyond what we have been taught through the media.  She wants to help people discover that Real Beauty comes when we accept who we are and become the authentic expression of ourselves.

Katelyn is a proponent of good nutrition as a support for enhancing beauty and is always looking for the highest quality product to put in her own body and share with others.  Katelyn is a Double Diamond Executive with It Works! Global, a company that has an all natural professional line of Anti-aging products, nutrition supplements and The Ultimate Body Applicator.  Katelyn finds these products support our natural beauty to shine.  Learn more at Dimensions of Beauty Products 


6 thoughts on “About Katelyn Mariah

  1. Hi Katelyn,

    I discovered more I wanted to ask you 🙂 I really enjoyed reading your blogs about embracing natural beauty. However, I was surprised to learn that you sell anti-aging and body slimming products. To me, all the products trying to help women look younger go against the idea of embracing your natural beauty at all ages. It’s as if they’re saying it’s not okay to age, that aging isn’t beautiful, and that you should try to look younger than you are because that is what is socially acceptable as beauty. Also, the imagery on the It Works website shows only very fit, trim people. How does that say that people who do not look that slim are still beautiful? I’m interested in hearing your thoughts about this and how you come to terms with this apparent inconsistency in your message.

    Thank you!


    • Melanie,
      That is an excellent question. I don’t feel there is an inconsistency in my message. I don’t agree with the the use of the word ‘anti-aging’, but I also don’t believe in just letting the body deteriorate because that is what society thinks it does as it ages. ( I actually know that the philosophy of the company is similar to mine, I just feel they chose the wrong word in ‘anti-aging’ because it is pop terminology right now.) I believe in healthy aging. I am not against aging, which the word ‘anti-aging’ seems to suggest. I am for giving my body all the nourishment it requires to stay healthy, so as far as our skin care line, it provides moisture, hydration and nutrients that the body requires and by giving my skin those things my skin looks great and youthful as a result. Our supplement line give the body the nutrition and supplementation it requires to do its job efficiently. It also helps with internal cleansing.

      I joined It Works because of the Ultimate Body Applicator, because it detoxifies the body, not because it slims the body. If it was just a product that caused inch loss I wouldn’t be interested in it. Toxins and inflammation, which is caused by toxins are the number one cause of disease. Disease is not a natural part of the aging process it is caused by eating the wrong foods, toxins in the environment and not giving the body what it needs to stay healthy. When I found a product that takes the toxins out of the body very easily, using botanical ingredients, I was sold. The side effect of removing the toxins is slimming and a lot of people like that idea.

      As far as the imagery on the website, that is out of my control. If you looked deeper into the website you can see testimonials from people that are all sizes. You will also see testimonials from people whose lives have change dramatically from using the products that helped them recover from long term illnesses. We will have a new website in the near future but I don’t know how it will look. A website has to appeal to a lot of people and many people are not of the same philosophy as I am. Many people are looking for ways to lose weight, be slimmer and the imagery appeals to them because it give a message that that is possible.

      I also believe that by giving our body what it needs to stay healthy and work efficiently we are enhancing our natural beauty because we have a healthy glow, more energy and that brings out our best. Toxic and unhealthy are not natural states. Since I started using the products three years ago my body has transformed because of all of the things I have mentioned above and I am in more of a natural state than I was when I wasn’t using the products.

      I hope that answers your question. I am open to more dialog if it doesn’t.


  2. Hi Katelyn! Thanks for responding to my question, and it was great to hear your view on things. I totally understand your liking the products but not necessarily the way they are promoted on the website in some areas. I think your ability to look beyond that and see value in the products and consistency with your message is awesome.

    Thank you again for your thoughtful and informative answers.

    I wish you all the best!


  3. Hi Katelyn,

    Anne of Inherent Artists Music here. I’m writing to you regarding a benefit show we are organizing with Tinderbox Arts called Piano Driven Women, which will take place at Joe’s Pub on November 2nd. Proceeds will go toward outreach programs run by the Mill Street Lofts in Poughkeepsie, New York which focus on the empowerment of young women. We really admire Dimensions of Beauty and were hoping you would like to help us spread the word about this amazing benefit, which is organized by women for women. Is this something you’d be interested in? If so, you can email me at anne@inherentartists.com



  4. Hi Anne,

    I am really embarrassed because I am just finding your comment today, March 22. I wish I would have seen it when it was written because I would have loved to support your event. I am passionate about the arts and this cause is right in alignment with what I believe in, supporting women.

    Again, I am sorry I didn’t see it before,


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