Enchanted Love


One of my favorite books is Enchanted Love by Marianne Williamson.  Here is one of my favorite quotes…

In every bank there is a door to a vault.  Inside the vault lies gold.

In each of us there is such a door, and an enchanted love is the key to unlock it.

When someone truly makes the journey with you,

when they try to understand your dreams,

when someone truly respects your goals

and when they truly hear your feelings,

when someone truly stands at your side,

when someone can laugh and cry with you with equal ease,

when someone invites you to surrender all your inhibitions and you know the invitation is safe,

when someone honestly thinks you are gorgeous,

when someone recognizes your bravery and salutes you for it,

when someone has compassion for your wounds,

when someone forgives you regularly while indulging your rarely,

your molecules transform.


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