Beauty Feng Shui

“Life is a reflection of your thoughts.  If you change your thinking, you change your life.”
Hummm, can I really change how I look and how people see me by making Feng  Shui adjustments?  I was curious after finding some articles on Feng Shui for beauty and only found minimal information on it,  so I bought several books to learn more about it.  It makes sense because we are always reading people’s energy whether we know it or not and Feng Shui beauty is reading people’s energy and reflecting that on the outside.  It enhances the energy that is our true beauty.
Enthusiasts of the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui say happiness and prosperity can be achieved by arranging your home in a certain way, but Feng Shui not just for the house anymore.  In fact, the origins of Feng Shui is really the mind-body connection and how we align ourselves to all areas of our lives.  People think of magic, superstition or religion when they hear the word Feng Shui but it is not any of those things.  It’s about ENERGY and how it affects everything in our lives.  Energy (chi) flows in, around and through our bodies every minute of every day. Everything in the world according to Feng Shui belongs to one of the five elements or energies, being fire, earth, metal, water and wood and we can change how it flows by doing certain adjustments. The physical adjustments are not the most important part of Feng Shui, they just give us visible reminders to change how we think consciously and unconsciously.
How we dress, wear make up, or not, wear our hair and the food we eat, have a direct result on our chi and that has a direct impact on how people see and relate to us.  If we want to  radiate authentic beauty it is important to align and harmonize the flow of our chi.  While blood carries oxygen and nutrients, chi carries thoughts, ideas, emotions and dreams.  What you think and the way that you think have a great deal of influence on outcomes in our lives.  Chi is an energy force that is flavored by our thoughts, emotions and feelings and people around us intuitively pick up on, and base their responses on it.

What are the effects of dis-harmonized chi? Here are three prominent examples.

• Negative chi, caused by excessive light and artificial energy (such as air conditioning), can cause mental and physical exhaustion.

• Strong chi (like that produced by dampness and drafts) can result in two polarized attitudes, depending on the person: either excessive emotion and over-excitement, or depression and lack of direction.

• Fast-flowing chi (which you can feel on very windy days) can make one over talkative and paranoid, fearful of personal attack

Feng Shui Beauty is understanding and enhancing your energy/chi through the five elements.  Billy Yamaguchi pioneered the concept of applying the principles of these elements to your hair, makeup and personal lifestyle.  According to Yamaguchi, all five elements are present in everyone but two elements are usually dominate.

If you were to consult a beauty Feng Shui practitioner they would the would look at the sum of your parts; spiritual, mental and physical, to create a wardrobe that is fulfilling, fortifying, flattering and functional.  As long as we are going with all the ‘f’s’ lets add Fun to the mix.  They might use the Transformational Triad.

The Transformational Triad concept leads us to balance our essence with our intention that changes over time to create a harmonious appearance.
  • Essential Energy (ESSENCE) is unconsciously expressed. It is the energetic lens through which you see the world, the assimilation of your core (driving force), character (emotional nature), and conduct (way of being) – the unique “essence”… that is you.
  • Intentional Energy (INTENTION) is consciously created. It is the energy attached to what you have “in mind” to be, do and have.
  • Visual Energy (APPEARANCE) is physically transmitted. It is the vibrational pattern created by “how you look,” influenced by the energies inherent in your physical coloring and body shape, and the colors, patterns, textures, fabrics and silhouettes of the clothes you wear.

It makes sense to me that if we look at our self from this prospective and enhance our inherent strengths we will project more of our authentic beauty.  It sounds like a fun thing to experiment with to see if anyone notices.


What this video about Fashion Feng Shui for a better understanding of what it is.  Sue Donnelly is a Fashion Feng Shui expert from London

There are several streams of thought when it comes to your personal beauty Feng Shui.  Yamaguchi uses an intuitive approach to determining you elements as you will see in his test. Other systems use your birth date to determine your elements.  For fun take Yamaguchi’s Beauty Feng Shui Test.

Here are some fun and interesting Feng Shui Beauty adjustments to try:

Diane Alba-Means, founder and owner of Hawaii Feng Shui shares tips on her website:

Here are some books to explore too:

Billy Yamaguchi Feng Shui Beauty

Feng Shui Chic by Carole Swann Meltzer

Fashion Feng Shui, the power of dressing with intention by Evana Maggiori

Websites about Beauty Feng Shui

Fashion Feng Shui International

Billy Yamaguchi



2 thoughts on “Beauty Feng Shui

  1. Thank you for referring to my work in Fashion Feng Shui, a trademarked technique of applying Feng Shui principles to personal appearance. I would like to note that your reference to The Transformational Triad was copied from my book FASHION FENG SHUI The Power of Dressing with Intention. This concept is only for use by Certified and Licensed Fashion Feng Shui Facilitators.
    Learn more at
    Evana Maggiore
    Creator of Fashion Feng Shui & President of Fashion Feng Shui International LLC

    • Thank you for your for reading my blog. I am enjoying your book and will create a live link where I mentioned it in the blog so people can find it. I am fascinated by the concept. To my readers, Evana’s book is packed with excellent information for incorporating Fashion Feng Shui into your life.


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