Beauty Often Comes Disquised as Something Else!

We all have parts of our body that we don’t like, mine is my stomach.  I should clarify that.  I don’t like the way it looks, and have been working for a long time to get to the place where I like it more.   But the way it looks is because of life saving surgery, which took place 26 years ago, when I had a strangulated bowel.   It was the worse thing I ever had happen to me.  I was told that the pain you feel is worse than a gun shot wound to the stomach.  I can say it was 100 times worse than labor, but knowing labor breathing is what I think saved my life, but that is another story, for another time.

The scar that you see, in the photo below,  is the result of an 8 hour emergency surgery where 2 feet of my intestine had to be removed because it had died. My doctor told me that 95-99% of the people who have this condition die because it is hard to find.  I had gone to the hospital three days earlier and  was told to go home because it was just gas.  If they would have discovered the problem at that point they could have saved the intestine and me a lot of pain.  The two feet that were removed had specific functions.  One the absorption of B12 and the absorption of bile.  Because I could no longer absorb them I had to have B12 injections and take a medication that would absorb bile so I didn’t get sick.

If I didn’t take the medicine I would get diarrhea.  I haven’t had a normal bowel movement in 26 years and often got sick even if I took the medication.  I tried several times over the years to stop taking it, because it is a pain, it taste nasty and it is expensive, but I never could without getting sick.   I was afraid to be without it, actually because I knew what the consequences were.

Here is where the beautiful miracle part comes in…

I was part of an 8 week challenge with my company to test a new protein powder/superfood that they were going to introduce to the line called ProFIT.  Midway through the challenge I started feeling constipated.  Trust me it was a new experience for me.  Just over two weeks ago I stopped taking my medication to see what would happen.  What happened is that I am back to normal, how I was before the surgery, with normal bowel movements.  I have also lost almost 8 pounds and 22 inches, because of this amazing superfood,.

Now, you tell me how your body can recreate a function that was removed, because I can’t figure it out.  That is how beautiful our bodies are.  This is life changing for me!  I never thought I would ever get off of the medication and have a normal body again.  So what if my stomach has a large crater through it?  When you think about it on the level of renewal and what some call healing, it is beautiful even in the state it is in.

I asked the formulator of the ProFIT if she thought it was possible that this happened because I was taking it.  She said it was the combination of ProFIT and Greens which were part of the Ultimate Makeover.   I love miracles, especially when they happen to me.

This is how my stomach has looked for most of 26 years

I have written about my stomach before in this blog of June 24, 2010, Titled Uncovered, my WEIRD BUT BEAUTIFUL TUMMY   It was written after I posted this photo, and was struggling with what people would think:

In light of what has just happened that is a very prophetic thought I had 18 months ago!  Love your body, with all of it’s so called flaws and blemishes, because it is truly a miracle!


33 thoughts on “Beauty Often Comes Disquised as Something Else!

  1. Praise God! Unbelievable the power of our body when its given the right stuff. I’m stunned and amazed. You are an inspiration, thank you for posting this!

  2. KATELYN, I agree with you wholeheartedly! I have a love hate relationship with my stomach post childbirth, but, I like you, am focusing more on the amazing things my body can do rather than whether or not it conforms to some kind of external standard. Here are a couple of blogposts I’ve written on the subject…thank you for being willing to be so vulnerable with your story!
    A Grace:
    You Don’t Have That Kind of Time:
    xo Rachel

  3. Wow!!! I never thought I would read anything I could truly relate to in every aspect!! I also have a life saving surgery that left me with almost the same scar mine just happens to be even longer. I had a spleenic anyersum and almost died and lost my son in the process but he saved my life!!! I have battle with my self imagine and understanding everything that has happened for 3 years now!!! I also only had a 5 percent survival rate!! Thanks for letting me read your story and look at my situation in a different light!!! We need to be proud of our scars and what we have been through and love our body!!!

    • Hi Erica,
      I am so sorry you lost your son, how sad, but to think he saved your life. What a big purpose he had in his brief time! I am so glad my post was inspiring to you and helped you in some way. Thank you for leaving a note. Katelyn

  4. How brave of you to share your story and what a testamony to our awesome Ultimate Pro Fit protein powder…i started my make over today and i KNOW i will be successful…Kate you are an day i will post a pic of my belly..i have had around 5 abdominal surgeries and my belly looks like a road map..but the “wraps” have truly helped with that…GOD’S blessings to you!!!
    pat 🙂

  5. You give me hope. I have uc which is different but I haven’t had a normal bm in 8the yrs. I am planning on doing surgery but im going to give this a shot first. I’ve already got everything so I’ve got nothing to lose

    • I was telling this story to one of my distributors and she said her husband has uc too and she started crying and said she couldn’t wait to have him use the ProFIT. I am keeping my fingers crossed that you have a miracle too! I know what it is like to live with the kind of problem we have. It makes life a challenge. It is almost three weeks now since I stopped my medication and have not had an issue. That boggles my mind!

  6. Thanks for sharing your story, Katelyn! It is amazing and gave me goosebumps! What a blessing that you began with IT WORKS! and found these wonderful products that have helped you so much! You are absolutely correct that we need to look at every body scar in our life in a different light – it is a miracle in one way or another! You are an amazing woman, Katelyn, and keep spreading THE TUMMY REVOLUTION!!!!

    • Hi Bill, I have used the Stretch Mark cream. It is an awesome product. This particular scar is very deep and very wide because they couldn’t close the incision and it had to heal from the inside out because of the possibility of infection, so it has helped some but not as well as it has on other scars I have used it on.

  7. Wow Katelyn,
    It took courage to share your story and pic(s). Thank you so much for sharing. You never know when you open up and share something so vulnerable and intimate, how it will touch other lives and help someone that needs to know they are not alone in this.

    Dianne Dozier

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  9. This is an email that I recieved that I felt might be helpful to place in the comments on this blog: ” I wanted to say that after reading one of your blog entrys ( my co-worker is a distributer for itworks ) it gave me hope. when i was 24 i went in for what they called a routine out patient laporoscopy .. During which the doctor preforming the surgery knicked my bowl and sent me home telling me everything went smooth . one day later i ended up in the emergency room i had perferated my bowl with my first BM after the surgery. THe ER had know idea what was going on . It was Two days before they rushed me to surgery . the surgeon told my parents to expect me not to live as i had over 90% infection moving through my body . i was in a colostomy bag for 6 months they had to remove 6in of my large intestine .. the longest 6 months of my life . I have not had children yet but my mom assures me i had worse pain with my unfortunate incident. i am very insecure of my scars i have one like yours as well as a four inch one off to the side where i wore the bag. My husband assures me he loves me and doesnt notice them . but i notice them . it has been hard for me to loose weight and have a some what normal looking stomache. Thank you for sharing your story and pictures . seeing them gives me hope.”

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