Beauty is in the I AM

The magical power of the statement “I AM” has been known for centuries.  When you say “I AM” followed by a state of being, you are aligning with that quality and your a making a statement to the universe.  This statement will change your perspective, your consciousness and your vibration.

I AM is God becoming your mirror and you start to see life through God’s eyes. I AM is you connected to The Source. This connection is important because you are letting yourself become who you really are so the power of source becomes your natural power.  I AM means Oneness with The Source, the Creator. “I Am”  is the center of everything, the source of all the activity that springs forth as thoughts, sensations, and external events from  the womb of creation.  I AM changes your perspective, and how you see the world and yourself in it. From this perspective you see only Light and Love and that is what true beauty is.

You will want to get creative and use combos that serve you best. When you say the phrase “I AM” you are defining who you are and who you want to be. You are sending a strong message out to the universe about what you want. So be conscious when you say “I AM”  Choose the words that follow “I AM” wisely and say it out loud in a powerful voice because what you are saying is becoming.  As a powerful creator you will never go back to adding anything negative to the end of the phrase “I AM”.

Here are the I AM statements I wrote for my self several years ago:

I AM RECEPTIVE : quiet stillness, paying attention, open

I AM INSPIRING: role-modeling, unassuming, artist, writer

I AM JOYFUL: playful, childlike, trusting, innocent

I AM CREATIVE: artist, writer, change-maker, manifesting

I AM LOVING: accepting, forgiving, nurturing, affectionate

I AM ACCESSIBLE: willing, open, vulnerable, available, approachable

I AM DEEP: spiritual, thoughtful, soulful, expansive, evolving, conscious

I AM PERMEABLE: without barriers or defenses, open yet protected

I AM ROYALTY: holding self in high regard, graceful, confident

I AM DELICIOUS: sensual, sexy, beautiful, colorful, soft

I AM MAGICAL: manifesting, creating, believing, dreaming

I AM WATERY: warm, moist and juicy

I AM FIRE: passionate, expressive, flamboyant

I AM WISE AND BRILLIANT: intuitive, knowing, understanding, psychic, smart

I AM HEALTHY: strong, slim, efficient, flexible, free, young

I AM BRAVE AND DARING: courageous, risk taking, adventurous, curious

I AM MAGNETIC: attractive, allowing, deliberately creating

I AM PROSPEROUS: fruitful, abundant, lots of money, many resources

I AM RICH;  in every way!!


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