A Force of Beauty

In my search for beauty I have found a company that has the same message as I do. I love the campaign created by Bare Escentuals called “A Force of Beauty”.  Here is a cosmetic company that believes that their is more to beauty than what is on the surface.

They cast their models for the campaign without ever seeing them.  The did sent the call out to models but they never looked at pictures of them but used essays and interview questions to decide on 5 they wanted to use.  They were looking for confidence, inner radiance and the impact that they had on the world.  This is how Leslie Blodgett, Creator of bareMinerals & Executive Chairman of Bare Escentuals describes the campaign,

“Be a Force of Beauty” is really a testament to what we stand for and what we believe in as a company. As we brainstormed this idea, we knew we had to do it differently. So, we did something totally radical and unheard of for a beauty company. We pursued a blind casting call to select the women that appear in the campaign and we made our decision based on their stories, never having seen their faces. The whole premise of this campaign is about activating women to put beauty into action. So, the blind casting call reinforced this idea that beauty goes beyond the surface and it really allowed us to delve deeper into this notion by listening to their stories and uncovering their passions and values so we could identify each woman’s ‘Force of Beauty.’

This is what they hope to accomplish through the campaign:

“I hope this campaign will create positive change. In today’s culture we are surrounded by pictures that don’t portray a realistic image of beauty anymore and women need to understand that beauty is not solely about the physical appearance—it’s much more. If I had to sum up my thoughts on what I want women to take from this campaign it is pretty simple: Recognize the beauty that exists within all of us and use that beauty in a positive way to create change.”

Here is the complete interview of Leslie Blodgett

Here is one of my favorite models Keri


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