The First Month of My Fitness Journey

Believe it or not this is my first time on a treadmill!!

I started working out with my personal trainer, Andrea Austin, on August 16th so it has been a month.  She is so impressed with my progress so far and so am I!

Yesterday I walked on the treadmill for the first  time.  Not the first time this month but the first time in my life.  I have gone  through periods in my life where I was working out but I never used the treadmill.  Like I have said before fitness hasn’t been a consistent part of my life.  Though I was a treadmill virgin, I acclimated very quickly and could have done it a lot longer than I did yesterday. I love how the sun is shining through the window over my shoulder.

Yesterday was also the first time I worked with the Pilates Reformer.  That was fun and I also did very well on that and could have done a few of the moves longer, but we are working on small steps for lasting results.

We also added weight machines to my workout so I spent time on that.  My total workout was about 30 minutes and was a total body workout.  A couple of routines were a bit harder because of old injuries in my neck and shoulder but I believe those things are going to resolve as a result of the work I am doing.

I did much better with food this week because we let go of the structure.   Structure around food just sends me into a tailspin.  I can be conscientious about my eating without having a strict routine.  I was able to maintain my weight loss, which wasn’t true last week.

Last week I believe the negative self talk when I over did, added pounds to my body.  I believe that thoughts become things and when I was telling myself I would gain weight because I wasn’t following the plan, I DID! If we tell ourselves we are fat our mind has to find a way for our body to make that so.  Our mind doesn’t know what is true it just believes what we say.

I did an experiment many years ago where I picked the weight I wanted to be and told my self that I weighed that amount.  At the time it was 135 pounds.  Whenever a thought came into my head about my weight I replaced it with “I weigh 135 pounds”.  Within a few months I lost 15 pounds doing nothing more than saying that phrase.

One of the things I have been impressed with about my new fitness program is my stamina.  I don’t feel tired or sore  after working out, even though I am doing things that have not been a part of my routine.  I believe that a product that I am taking is making a big difference.  It is called The New You , which was created to stimulate the pituitary gland so it secretes its own natural human growth hormone.  One of the impacts of this is that it enhances exercise endurance and helps build lean muscle mass.  I have been taking this product for over 2 years and I noticed a difference in my stamina before I started this fitness program.  I know it is helping me now in transforming my body.

Have you ever started a new routine after a long time?  What was the experience like for you?


2 thoughts on “The First Month of My Fitness Journey

  1. Dear Katelyn: I am inspired by your blog (I am also one of Andrea Austin’s clients and found you via Andrea’s facebook page). I completely ascribe to your explanation of the power of the mind, too. Believing and thinking I’m fat worked; a year ago, at 5’5″ tall, I weighed almost 200 lbs.

    These results were clearly a direct result from relentless and persuasive self-messages to that effect. Because I knew that the sheer volume and strength of these thoughts were what made the weight gain and retention successful, I SORT OF reversed the message to lose 25 pounds.

    You probably know why I say “sort of.” The positive thought process is still work/isn’t as natural for me; it hasn’t (yet) equaled the frequency, duration, salience, or psychological accessibility of the negative messages.

    But with your explanation of maintaining your mental, “as if” weight then resulting in your actually weighing 135 pounds, I am greatly encouraged. I’m going to do it.

    Another thing I’ve been doing since about April is physically communicating with my body in a straightforward way by just, deliberately, moving more. Even if it’s just making my foot flex or twitch while laying on the couch watching TV!

    I’m telling my body: “We need to be able to move readily, frequently, and vigorously at any moment. Which is one of the joys of life! In which case, the excess weight we’re carrying hampers us, no longer serves a purpose, and is, in fact, no longer necessary.”

    An additional important effort I’ve incorporated, is to love and truly ACCEPT and appreciate the wonderful, hard-working, and blessed body I have. At whatever weight or age it is. -Annie, St. Paul MN

    • Hi Annie,

      Thank you for adding your thoughts on this subject. I mind is a big contributor to everything that happens. Isn’t it could that you could change your thoughts and lose 25 pounds!! I love that. The more you focus on positive thoughts the more it becomes a natural way of thinking. You are doing a fabulous job!


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